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Transform your business by leveraging the power of SIB360 to streamline business Processes, Maximize Productivity, Efficiency and Delivery

Work Suite ERP

Work Suite ERP

Business Manage System
– Projects, Tasks, Planning, Leads
– Sales, Proposals, Contracts, Files
– Customers, Invoices, Online Pay
– Alert, Expense, Account, Reports
– Inventory, HRM, Chat, Support

School ERP

School Management

Learning Management System
– Admissions, V-Classroom, HRM
– Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff
– Subjects, Exams, Grades, Files
– Library, Buses, Hostel, Inventory
– Fee, Accounts, Reports and more

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Sales Management System
– POS Terminal, Inventory, Sales
– Invoices, Purchases, eCommerce
– Customers, Vendors, Staff, Stock
– Accounts, Reports, Payrolls, Tax
– Kitchen, Bookings, Loyalty, more

Operate your Business Like a Pro!

Unleash Effectiveness

With an intuitive ERP framework, SIB360 enables companies with smart technologies, integrated applications and a digital platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our ERP solutions helping businesses in mitigating human errors and increasing productivity - consequently, high delivery in low cost.


SIB360 is Incredibly Powerful, Secure and Easy-to-Use


Leverage the power of SIB360 to find solutions, meet the needs of your company and boost future growth without costly integration.

Gain Reliable Insight

Make educated business decisions with a detailed insight of your business standings, operations and analysis - Giving you more confidence!

Escalate Team's Productivity

With the help of transparent operations, reporting, sales information, customer support and project management tools you team will be 10 time more performing and effective.

Nurture Your Customers with Advanced Operations

Manage your Work, Sales, Customers, Projects, Invoices, Accounts and more. SIB360 is qualified as the best ERP to boost future growth.

Our ERP solution provides everything that is required to run an enterprise. The software system is advanced as it is embedded with intelligent technologies, processes and integrated applications.

One Integrated Solution for all Your Business Needs

SIB360 enterprise framework is built for enterprises looking for easy-to-use software systems that are agile and transparent at the same time

The end goal of our ERP framework is to help companies achieve high computing performance, enhanced productivity and scaled up future growth.

Reporting and Accounting for all The Non-Accountants

With the help of SIB360 ERP framework, explore analytics software solutions for reporting and analysis.

Improve the performance of your business with the help of advanced analytic features. This feature allows you to enhance your decision-making process and align business planning.

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Best enterprise solutions and frameworks for enhanced performance, efficiency and productivity.


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